Why Wear Your Choker?

Why should you wear a choker today? There are plenty of reasons like drawing attention to your collar bones or looking nice for others *wink* but while there are plenty of outside reasons, the real reason should come from within. Sure, it makes you look awesome, but it needs to make you feel awesome. Some days you may just want to bring your bed with you and wear pajamas everywhere. One thing is for sure – your clothes reflect your attitude. When wearing lazy clothes, you are more likely to want to go back to bed right after class, but if you wear clothes that make you feel good, then you will probably want to make the most of your day. Wearing a choker can give you that extra boost of confidence to go about and conquer your day. Do it for yourself. When you dress like you rule the world, you’ll feel like you rule the world.


Remember, confidence is key in life. The next time you are making your way through a crowd, do a little experiment. Instead of looking down or weaving around people, look at where you’re going. Keep your head high and walk like you have a purpose. You may be surprised at how many people move out of the way for you. In addition, flashing a smile at anyone you make eye contact with is sure to lift their spirit and brighten their day. This small act of kindness is overlooked so often these days, but the effect it has continues on when they smile at another. This chain effect of simple smiling creates such positive vibes that cannot be ignored.

When speaking of a chain effect of good, I come to the next reason to wear a choker. At Illume, our chokers give back. With each purchase, three percent is given to a charity of your choosing out of the three we currently support. These three are now the Steve Harvey Foundation, Health & Hunger Coalition of Boone, and Genesis Ministries of Rockingham County. In addition to the site wide donation, certain chokers give back extra to special charities.  


The Justice Awareness Blue Druzy Stone Choker, pictured above, donates 25%  to the Appalachian State University Chapter of International Justice Mission which helps fight against slavery around the world. The International Justice Mission works to rescue victims of slavery, bring them to safe homes, and prosecute those responsible. This group is trying to decrease the number of slaves worldwide, which is currently 45.8 million. By choosing this choker, you are saying no to slavery and helping save lives.


The Arthritis Awareness White Pearl Druzy Stone Choker gives 25% back to Alpha Omicron Pi and their partnership with the Arthritis National Foundation. About 40 million people in the United States alone have arthritis, which is nothing compared to the staggering 350 million people worldwide affected by it. Purchasing this choker will help find causes and cures by helping fund the organization. The neutral stone is sure to go with any outfit, and the cause behind it makes it a must have choker. 


So then why wear a choker? Wear it because of what is inside of you. Wear it to be confident, and wear it to support worthy charities.


Written by: Rachel Coates

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