Top 3 Trends of the Season

Every season new styles and trends arise within the fashion industry. This year, summer 2019, we are seeing a lot of vibrant colors, mixing patterns, and an obsession with fringe. Luckily, here at Illume Boutique—we are equipped with the necessary trends of the summer season.

For instance, the Request More Earrings style is displayed in four cute colors that resonate with distinct consumers. For those customers that love neutral colors we have the earrings in black, ivory, and gray. Additionally, for those consumers that love vibrant colors we have a mustard and blush color, that’s to die for.

The earrings displayed above combines two trends, which are the elements of fringe, as well as, vibrancy of colors.

The Medallion Sea Dress was a perfect example of a national style that incorporates mixing prints and patterns within one dress. The image is displayed below:

Currently, this style is sold out on Illume Boutique, but we are waiting on a new shipment! I have a question for our loyal followers: Would you love to see more merchandise with mixing patterns incorporated, such as this one? If so, what type of garment would you like to see? For instance, the mixing patterns trend would be wonderfully received on a romper, a maxi dress, or even a suede choker.

Let your light shine and update us on your thoughts and clever suggestions!

Yours Truly,

         Lynell Sprauve

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