About Illume

Illume Boutique was created to help each woman illuminate her life.  The selection of each piece is made with the free-spirited woman in mind to shine.

Illume Boutique aims to radiate in a dark world.  To bring light to the darkness.  With each purchase 3% will be donated to one of the three current charities/non-profits. You will make your choice at checkout! Check out our Spread Light blog to see where your donations have previously went, where they are currently going and how you are helping Illume Boutique to spread light.

We began the business in 2016 handmaking suede wrap chokers.  Over time we grew - sometimes little by little & sometimes a whole lot at once. Today we are a full-line boutique with shops across NC, TN & VA.  It is truly a blessing to live out my dream of working in fashion & style while using my life for a greater purpose of helping others.

We love to hear from you!  E-mails or Instagram posts of you wearing your Illume seriously makes our day! If you have any concerns or questions mailto:info@illumeboutique.com.
"For at one time you were darkness, now you are light in God". Ephesians 5:8
Let Your Light Shine!