Need a Halloween costume idea? We've got you covered!

This Halloween, spice up your outfit with a choker. Here are some cute costume ideas that easily incorporate chokers.


Become a mermaid! Put on your favorite maxi skirt and brush on metallic eyeshadow over netting to get the mermaid scale look. Add a seashell choker to top it off! Bonus: our coastal seashell necklaces give 25% back to the Save the Sea Turtle Foundation, and mermaids care about their fellow ocean creatures, so you will really be playing the part!


Up next: Cinderella! Who knew that this classic princess would be with today’s trends back in 1950? For her classic ball gown, wear a light blue dress. Pair that with a black suede choker and metallic shoes to complete the look.  










Want something funnier? Pinhead Larry is the answer. All you need to make this costume is an Illume wrap choker and a pink shirt or jacket. First, wrap the choker only once and tie a bow in the front. Then put on your pink top and say, “Who you calling Pinhead?” to imitate Patrick Star for the night.


 For a fun, in-style costume, become a flapper! These 1920s girls are all about having fun. Wear a dress with a fringe bottom, a wrap choker, and long pearls to play the role. To make it even more convincing, add a headband over your hair and add a feather.


Last but not least is the cat. If you are really in a crunch and need a quick costume, we’ve got you! Who doesn’t have a LBD? Pair your little black dress with a black suede choker from Illume and use your eyeliner to draw on a nose whiskers.

Now that you’ve got five Halloween costumes to wear your Illume choker with, you can go out and have the best Halloween yet! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram ( when you wear your chokers!


Written by: Rachel Coates

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