Your Choker is More Than Just a Choker!

Hello ladies of Illume Boutique!

Summer is officially here in North Carolina with the 90-degree weather. Summers usually mean going off on road trips, concerts, the beach, and other adventures. What better way to accessorize for these events than chokers!
Chokers are always great to wear but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up. Our chokers at Illume are tie chokers so this means you can wear them in several different ways! We’re going to show you four ways to style the chokers.
The first being a long pendant style necklace. This is super easy to adjust to whatever length you desire and typically a choker with a larger stone or druzy makes this look more complete. If you work in a more professional setting you can wear it pendent style and then tie it up as a choker when you go out in the evening.


Another way you can style our chokers is by doubling them as a bracelet. If you prefer a more minimal look, using the chokers with the smaller charms are great. It’s also an easy way to put some color into your summer wardrobe without being excessive.

Another fun way to use the suede chokers is by wrapping them around your upper arm like an arm cuff. This method of styling is nice for summer months because the jewelry is not in your way at all. This would be a cute way to accessorize if you're going out to a concert or grabbing dinner at a trendy new spot.
Last but not least, braiding the choker with your hair is a really cute boho look. It’s wonderful for the summer and you can wear it out casually to the beach or a concert as well! A cool thing about our chokers is you can interchange the ties and charms. If you want a bolder look go for more bright colors or even add in multiple ties from the choker to elevate the look!
Written By: Minjee, Fashion Editing Intern

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