Winston-Salem Photoshoot

Hello hello! It’s Saturday once again and I’m sure everyone is as thankful for that as I am. I hope everyone has had a good April and they are excited and ready to move into May within the next few days.
This blog will be my last as my internship closes out at the end of April, so I wanted to take a moment and thank Ashley Thacker, the wonderful creator and visionary behind everything that is Illume Boutique. Both myself and Olivia, our other intern that is behind the social media, are very grateful for the opportunity you gave us to work for you and this wonderful brand.
I also want to thank everyone who has kept up with the weekly blogs, you guys rock.
Now, I want to talk about our most recent photoshoot that the Illume team did in Winston-Salem!
We were lucky enough to have two wonderful photographers along with two amazing models. Our photographers were Celeste Martinez and Olivia Norman (our lovely intern) and the models were Aislinn Greene and Shadae Page.
This was a substantial photoshoot because this was the first time we were able to photograph our new line of clothing! It was a very exciting experience and I loved every minute of it.
Here’s what we shot.
Shadae wearing our Medallion Sea Dress and our Druzy Starburst Suede Choker, taken by Olivia.
Aislinn wearing our Laced Up Dress and our Baby Blue Stone Choker, taken by Celeste.
Aislinn wearing our Oh the Places You’ll Bloom Maxi Dress and our Neutral Open Stone Suede Choker and Shadae wearing our Embroider & Go Top and our Iridescent Stone Suede Choker, taken by Olivia.
Shadae wearing our Lead Me to the Garden Dress and our Turquoise Pendant Suede Choker, taken by Celeste.
Aislinn wearing our Knotted Up Top and our White Marble Pendant Suede Choker, taken by Olivia.
Thanks for taking this ride with me everyone and I hope you enjoy!
Until next time,

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