October & The Teal Diva

Hi friends! It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it’s beginning to feel like Fall! It’s also the last day of September and I hope that this month treated everyone well and kept you all busy as it did for me. During this month, I became apart of the Illume team! I am your new fall 2018 intern, my name is Kylie and I’m a student a Meredith College in Raleigh, NC. I am very excited to be working with Ashley this semester!
This month is going to be about celebrating the strong woman who have gone through ovarian cancer. September is Ovarian Cancer awareness month, but at Illume we are going to continue to celebrate these wonderful women into the month of October. 10% of our proceeds during this month will go towards The Teal Diva. This organization celebrates the women who have been through ovarian cancer. Not only do they celebrate the women but they empower, honor and educate women on how to recognize and treat the symptoms.
June 2017 Teal Diva ovarian cancer retreat in Boone, NC.
Much like Illume, The Teal Diva wants to celebrate how powerful women are and how their power can shine through adversities. Shannon, the founder of the Teal Diva believes that by sharing her experience with ovarian cancer she can help other women in these difficult times. So, with some imagination and a whole lot of Jesus, the Teal Diva was born and continues to carry out their mission of helping others!
We are very excited to be partnering with The Teal Diva this month! This organization is so amazing and its message of empowering women is something that we could all use a little more of! So, with that being said, go check out Illume’s website and get yourself something fun to wear this fall and also support this month’s give back initiative!
Check out our Teal Awareness Choker on Illume’s website and support these amazing women of The Teal Diva! 
Link: https://illumeboutique.com/collections/suede-chokers/products/teal-awareness-druzy-stone-choker-50-gives-back  

Written by: Kylie Lopes  

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