The Throw-N-Go Look!

Summer is the time of year when we can relax, put our toes in the sand and drift off to paradise. We wear sundresses, bright colors and sandals and we love how all those things make us look and feel! Although, summer is the time to play and have fun we still have our busy lives to tend to. There are many times when we want to look our best when we only have a few minutes to get it done. One of the newest summer trends is called the throw-n- go look. Since I learned the throw-n- go way, I have more time to get ready because I throw on my outfit and start by busy day; however, with the throw-n- go trend I start my busy day in style. Below is a few styles that are in the throw-n- go trend. The best thing about throw-n- go is that it can be dressed up or down. Scroll down to see the latest throw-n- go styles!

The T-Shirt Dress
One a hot summer day when you know you will be running around the t-shirt dress is the perfect throw-n- go outfit. One of the best things about the t-shirt dress is that is can be accessorized for any occasion. Not only is it comfortable, but by wearing the t-shirt dress one can add any necklace or shoes to it which will allow the throw-n- go look a bit more fabulous. By choosing to wear a t-shirt dress, one can not only save time getting ready, but can also beat the hot summer heat while looking trendy. Illume Boutique can play a huge role in accessorizing the t-shirt dress by adding a bead choker or stone wrap bracelet. Illume offers many brightly colored stones which can help illuminate and accessorize a t-shirt dress. A choker is a great accessory to help dress up a dress.

The Never Go Wrong Jean Dress
Jean dresses have to be one trend that will never go out of style. During the summer we want to look our brightest in many of our chosen looks. The jean dress allows us to still look part of the summer colors by displaying an all over look of a denim design. Jean dresses give off a cool look which helps make one look as if they are beating the heat. The best part about a jean dress is that it is perfect for the summer because you can throw it on to go to a cookout, beach party, or dinner. This is when the throw-n- go look applies. One can dress up the denim material for a classier occasion or one can wear it while running errands. Illume boutique has several accessories that one can add to any jean dress that will allow it to be perfect for any occasion.One particular choker that Illume offers that would be perfect for a jean dress is the Flower Top Pearl Suede Choker. It is small pearl that would add just enough sparkle to a jean dress. Pearls can be dress up an outfit which is why this choker would be the perfect accessory to complete the jean dress look. Illume also offers the Bubblegum Pin Druzy Stone Layered Choker. This choker can add a pop of color to a jean dress that will make it a show stopper outfit. For a while, denim has been out; however, it is now in and is better than ever!

Camo with shorts
One trend that I was a little unsure of was the “camo"trend. I was a little hesitant about this trend because not many people wear it; however, being that I like to wear new things and keep up with the latest fashion I tried. All I could imagine was the thought of me looking as if I was going on a hunt when I was being hesitant of wearing camo, but boy was I wrong! Now that it is out and in full force I tried a few pieces and fell in love with what it can do to any solid piece of clothing. This is why I chose a flowy camo top to throw on with a pair of white shorts. By having a solid camo shirt, I added an Illume choker to accessorize the flow of it. To get this look it does not necessarily have to be a camo shirt, it can be any type of shirt that has some sort of flow. All in all, this look is great for going out and about, the beach or shopping.


Written by: Madison Phillips

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