Love. Peace. & Finding A Cure

It is not a lie that the 70s flower child or Hippie look is coming back in style. Walking down the street you can find flair jeans, flowered shirts and tie dye everything, but have you ever looked close enough to see what 70s jewelry is coming back? No? Well, it is the stone chokers and necklaces. Back in the  70s stone rocks and beads wore seen being worn on everyone, yet did anyone know that the stone chokers and necklaces would one day be one of the hottest trends of the season. The stone choker was original worn to show peace towards the earth; however, today we wear it  for many reasons and one being that it is a great fashion piece. The stones below are some great pieces Illume Boutique carries; however, the last one is very close to our customers hearts as it has a story that goes along with it!

Stone Choker 1:

A perfect example of adding a little bit of the 70s stone choker to any outfit would be the Black Stone Choker. The pop of color given off by the suede helps elaborate how breathtaking the stone is. This piece would go great with off the shoulder tops, dresses and a bold solid color outfit of your choice. The suedes can be changed to match an outfit perfectly as well!

Stone Choker 2:

Talk about showing some love. The Bright Turquoise Stone Wrap Choker would have been a huge hit in the 70s. It has a clean earth resemblances which would show off anyones 70s side. As it gives off a bright color through the turquoise stone, eyes will be drawn to it. The tan suede can be replaced, but seem to fit this stone perfectly. Colors such as, white and pink would also help set off this piece!

Stone Choker 3:

This certain stone was made for Sigma Alpha Omega at Appalachian State University to help raise money for their philanthropy. The suede of the  choker and color of the stone was carefully picked and created for the sorority sisters to sell and wear during their philanthropy week. The amount raised went to the sorority’s philanthropy charity. This choker is still available for purchase on our website and is adorable with light colored, strapless tops. The light color of any color allows the color of the stone to “pop!” When ordered on the website 50% of order goes to the OCNA which is known as the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.  Ovarian cancer is the 5th cause of cancer- related to death in women and every 23 minutes another woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the U.S. By providing a choker like this one, we can stand up and help find a cure for ovarian cancer. When purchasing this choker remember that it is a fabulous statement piece, but mostly remember the lives that could be saved by helping use donate 50% of the proceeds to the OCNA. This choker is very fashionable and has a great story that can be told to go along with it. 


Written by: Madison Phillips

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