First in Giving!

The online shop is officially open and we are ready to illuminate!

Today I will tell you a little bit about the three charities. You are able to choose one of the three at checkout to donate 3% of your purchase to.  These three charities are special to me and I've experienced firsthand evidence that they are brightening a dark world!

First on the list is niNe. magazine!  Visit their page at  This is an online Christian magazine for teenage and young women to boost confidence and encourage a lasting relationship with Christ.  As a former intern & fashion editor for the magazine, I fell in love with the importance the magazine places on the inner value of young women as opposed to the external appearance.  This is a non profit that reaches a group that desperately needs light and encouragement: teenage girls!

The next charity choice is Teal Diva.  Visit their page at  Teal Diva is based in Charlotte, NC.  It's mission is to celebrate victories, honor memories, empower women, educate the community and fund research for ovarian and other gynecologic cancers. I became connected with Teal Diva during my college years.  Ovarian cancer awareness and research support was the focused philanthropy of my sorority.  Ovarian cancer stats are not as well known as many other cancers and the support and awareness also need great strides.  Teal Diva organization is spreading light to an area that has been in the dark for so long!

Last but not least is the third charity choice, Pretty in Pink Foundation.  Visit their page at  Pretty in Pink Foundation's mission is to provide financial assistance to uninsured or underinsured breast cancer patients with quality, life-saving medical treatments regardless of their ability to pay.  After visiting with Kathy, from Pretty in Pink, I fell in love with this organization.  There are so, so many individuals who can no longer afford treatment so they, in a sense, give up. Pretty in Pink takes over those burdens.  They are doing AMAZING work!

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