New Year Means New Accessories

Hi everyone!! I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas and is excited about ringing in the new year!! I know that I am looking forward to a new year because there are very exciting things happening in my life and all those things begin in the new year. The main thing I am looking forward to is graduating from college and finally getting myself into the real world with the start of a new career! Along with graduating from college, I am moving to the Austin, Texas area once school ends and that is where I get to dive right into a new, bright future for myself and my family. So much like me, I hope that 2019 is going to be one of the best years yet and hopefully it brings many new and exciting experiences and opportunities for everyone else! 
As most of you should have read from the last blog posting, Illume teamed up with two lovely ladies who are taking on the World Race. These ladies are hoping to spread more love and Jesus into people's lives and they are achieving that by travelling with a team to multiple countries around the globe. Illume's give back initiative for the month of November and December was to support this mission trip and we are looking forward to sharing how successful these past two months have been! 
For this month I really wanted to talk about some of our favorite accessories...earrings!! I feel like these lovely little pieces haven't gotten enough attention and I want to be the one to bring attention to these jewelry pieces! First of all, these earrings are genuine leather and are cut in the teardrop shape and they come in 7 different colors. Making them the most versatile winter accessory! These earrings are light and easy to wear because you can be wearing your most casual outfit of leggings and a t-shirt, and these earrings make it 100x better. Trust me, been there done that and got compliments as well. 
I decided to share a picture with you of when I visited Texas and wore said outfit stated above, and rocked Illume's leather earrings all day/night long. What's best is that I was comfy in my leggings and t-shirt, but the earrings made me feel a little more dressed up and trendier this season. 
(this is me trying my best to be ~extremely~ casual and comfortable with getting my picture taken while showing off some Illume products)
(just a close up for those who cannot see how CUTE these earrings are)
I mean seriously, how much cuter can these earrings get?! One another occasion, I was out and about in Raleigh, NC going around brewery hopping and finding delicious tacos to eat when me and my best friend started talking about my earrings and she asked where I got them and such. Of course, I said Illume Boutique and she immediately was like I need a pair. So long story short, she's getting a pair soon, mostly for her birthday in February.
(showing off my girl, Maddie, and my favorite earrings from Illume)
And lastly, I wanted to leave my final blog posting with some final thoughts about jewelry and the upcoming new year... while Illume continues to provide some of the cutest and covetable necklaces, sweaters, dresses, earrings, and tops; this brand also brings the conversation of Jesus forward and gives back to non-profit organizations. I am extremely grateful to have been able to be apart of this mission of spreading Jesus and fashion into people's lives. I hope that everyone has an amazing beginning of the year and goes into 2019 with a grateful and open heart to new experiences and positive life-changes. 
Until next time! 
Written by: Kylie Lopes 





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